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Deatils of Situation Update

Biological Hazard in Haiti on Monday, 27 December, 2010 at 17:15 (05:15 PM) UTC.


Updated: Thursday, 30 December, 2010 at 10:08 UTC
Authorities in Haiti are trying to determine the cause of a fish kill in a lake that borders the Dominican Republic and, in the meantime, have banned consumption of fish from those waters. Scores of fish have been found dead in Lake Azuei, specifically in areas of Fond Parisien and Malpasse, since Christmas Eve. The government has advised people living in those two regions to avoid consuming the fish and drinking water from the lake until further notice. “Alerted by the structures of the Civil Protection and local authorities, technical missions from the Ministries of Environment and Agriculture took samples of water samples and dead fish in areas of Fond Parisien and Malpasse. Analyses are underway to determine the exact causes of these deaths,” a government statement said. The statement added that there was no need to panic as “the situation currently remains under control”. Michael Chancy, a government spokesperson, said the fish kill could be due to water poisoning but noted there were “other hypotheses”. However, he did not elaborate on what the other possibilities were.