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Extreme Weather in Canada on Sunday, 12 May, 2013 at 08:36 (08:36 AM) UTC.

Hundreds of local residents arrived Saturday with backhoes, bulldozers and wheelbarrows, helping to chip away massive ice floes that destroyed 12 homes and damaged another 15 Friday night along Ochre Beach, located 20 kilometres east of Dauphin. According to provincial Emergency Measures Organization officials, seven permanent homes were literally crushed by the ice that rose up within minutes from Lake Dauphin around suppertime Friday, pushed by north winds gusting up to 60 kilometres an hour. In all, 27 homes and cottages were damaged or destroyed -- but no injuries were reported. A local state of emergency was declared in the municipality and residents along the beach were evacuated Friday night. The provincial Emergency Social Services were called to the scene Friday night to assist residents in finding temporary lodging. Structural experts from the Office of the Fire Commissioner were also on hand to determine whether some residents could be allowed to attempt a cleanup or collect belongings. On Saturday, the residents and volunteers were allowed to return to the area and begin digging into the ice on homes that were declared structurally stable.

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