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Extreme Weather in USA on Friday, 07 September, 2012 at 03:43 (03:43 AM) UTC.

Another dust storm and monsoon blew through the Phoenix metropolitan area after dropping heavy rain in Tucson. Winds from an approaching storm system around sundown Thursday pushed a 2,500-foot-high wall of dust over most of the Phoenix area, lowering visibility to a quarter-mile. Officials at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport say the dust caused brief delays for some flights. In Tucson, authorities pulled six people from vehicles in flooded roads. Tucson Electric Power Co. was working to restore power to 700 customers. Arizona's monsoon season began June 15 and runs through Sept. 30. In recent years, it has produced massive dust storms called "haboobs." Weather experts say haboobs only occur in Arizona, Africa's Sahara desert and parts of the Middle East because of dry conditions and large amounts of sand.

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