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Extreme Weather in Namibia on Thursday, 08 March, 2012 at 08:59 (08:59 AM) UTC.

A storm devastated the Okakwiyu Village in the Onayena Constituency late Monday night and uprooted trees and blew off rooftops, while some houses were ruined after trees fell on them. At least nine trees near the home of Tomas Uulumbu, Headmen of Okakwiyu, were uprooted. Four other neighbours also had their trees uprooted and homesteads partly destroyed as roofs were blown off. Other buildings collapsed when trees fell on them. Krista Anna Uulumbu, the headman’s wife, said it all happened on Monday evening, around mid-night and they were already sleeping. “It all started with rain, which only lasted for a short while. A few moments later, bright lightning accompanied by a heavy thunderstorm struck. After that all we saw was darkness everywhere … “Because we were scared, we did not go outside. We were only woken up in the morning by villagers that came to report about damage to their houses. We then realised that seven marula trees and other different types of trees in our yard had been uprooted,” said Krista Uulumbu. Uulumbu said this was the first time that Okakwiyu had experienced a natural disaster of this magnitude.

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