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Nuclear Event in France on Friday, 01 March, 2013 at 04:22 (04:22 AM) UTC.

Two people have died and one is seriously injured after an accident at Cattenom nuclear power station located in Moselle, according to police sources. The accident occurred on Thursday shortly after 5pm at the central nuclear reactor building. Unit 4 had been closed to allow for a ten-year safety inspection and maintenance check. According to early witness accounts part of a platform and ladder broke off and fell four metres onto workers. The victims are thought to be from two different companies providing inspection and maintenance services. Managers of the site underline that it is not a nuclear accident and there is no risk to surrounding communities. La central de Cattenom, close to the border with Germany has 4 reactors of one thousand and 300 megawatts each and is number 7 in the world.

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