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Landslide in Canada on Saturday, 03 May, 2014 at 03:20 (03:20 AM) UTC.

A landslide has sent mud and vegetation down Cooke Creek into the Shuswap River, 25 kilometres east of Enderby in B.C.'s North Okanagan, leaving about 200 residents stranded. The slide washed out Mabel Lake Road and a bridge spanning the creek, isolating residents on the other side. B.C. Hydro reports nearly 700 people are without power but the utility can't get into the area until the road is opened. Crews with the Ministry of Transportation are working to clear the road, but it's estimated the road will be closed until Monday. Vernon, B.C., Search and Rescue has been called to the scene. Emergency officials say no one was injured in the slide but they are keeping watch as a large amount of logs and debris flows toward Enderby. Dairy farmer Michael Haak lives five kilometres from the slide site and says he's never seen the waterway so clogged with debris and logs. "It was moving pretty good. It was getting hung up a little bit on the irrigation intakes, and it kinda ripped them out," he said. The town of Enderby has activated the regional emergency operations centre. "We are taking every step we can to be well prepared in case there is any threat to infrastructure," said Tate Bengtson, Enderby's chief administrative officer.

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