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Hailstorm in New Zealand on Monday, 10 September, 2012 at 01:10 (01:10 AM) UTC.

Parts of the Waikato received a battering of hail during a violent storm which hit the region last night. As well as thunder and lightning and torrential downpours a hail storm struck in Hamilton and around the Waikato. The hail storm was most likely a one-off, say Metservice forecasters, with more settled weather likely today. Forecaster Hordur Thordarson told the Waikato Times that last night's impressive event was the result of warm, moist air at lower levels coming together with colder air higher up, creating an updraft and "when these things come together, the stage is set for some great convective thunderstorms and hail." As the warm air near the surface rose, colder air was drawn down, creating the sudden drop in temperature residents felt as the hailstorm hit. The hail was reportedly strong enough to crack a car windscreen at one Waikato house while another resident said it set a car alarm off. Ridge Mortensen in St Andrews said the hail sounded like "golf balls hitting the roof" while Paige Tarrant in Nawton described how her backyard was covered with hail.

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