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Event into space in Australia on Friday, 14 June, 2013 at 04:39 (04:39 AM) UTC.

A former Soviet satellite that burned up in the earth's atmosphere is thought to have been the bright burning light spotted by thousands across the East Coast last night. A US-based observer who spotted the Coffs Coast Advocate's online article shortly after the sighting on Thursday night used social media to quiz witnesses. NASA projections showed the decommissioned satellite Molniya 3-53 had a trajectory right over Australia and was due to crash into the Pacific Ocean off the East Coast. Around 6pm, a large white light with a burning tail was seen to cross the sky. The satellite was reportedly sighted from the Central Coast to the Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast, and throughout South-East Queensland. After the Advocate posted the story online, it went viral on social media with upwards of 100 people confirming they saw the flying object which was initially thought to be a meteorite.

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