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Climate Change in Australia on Monday, 14 January, 2013 at 12:32 (12:32 PM) UTC.

There's frustration among Torres Strait Island communities, after funding to fix the sea walls was approved, but at the expense of other key infrastructure. There's frustration among Torres Strait Island communities, which have been battling flooding at king tides every year for the past decade. The Queensland government today announced it will match federal funding of $12 million to repair damaged sea walls, but it that has come at a cost to other major infrastructure. Two months ago, islanders were asked if they wanted to redirect Major Infrastructure Project (MIP) funds to the wall. Using MIP funds will mean that other priorities such as sewage systems for Hammond Island and desalination plants for other islands without water will not go ahead. The National Seachange taskforce predicts that Australian waters will rise by 1.1 metres by the 2020. As yet, there has been no need for families on any island to relocate. The other four affected islands are Coconut, Yam, Warraber and Yorke Islands.

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