Forest / Wild Fire in Canada on July 31 2017 03:30 AM (UTC).
Crews have knocked down a large forest fire on Miscou Island in the province's northeast, but 25 people who fled the flames can't return to their homes just yet. Roger Collet, New Brunswick's fire prevention officer, said that by mid-morning Monday the fire was still listed as out-of-control, but he expected that to be updated to contained later in the day. "There are no more flames, just smoke, and crews are working their way around the perimeter," Collet said. The fire, which started Saturday afternoon, has consumed about 80 hectares. Collet said no homes were burned, but a small shed or garage was lost. He said there's no indication yet of a cause. "We're not 100 per cent sure on anything right now. They'll probably have someone in there to investigate it to try to determine where the fire started. It looks like we can rule out a lightning strike," he said. Water bombers were used over the weekend, but Collet said he expects ground crews to complete the work. He said there was one plane in the air Monday morning, but that was just to be able to conduct an aerial assessment. About 20 homes were evacuated and Collet says people were allowed back in just to gather belongings. He said the woods are very dry and the entire province is under a ban on burning. "We haven't had any rain or precipitation in the last little while, and the humidity dropped about a week ago, so that also allows for more drying."