Volcano Eruption in Indonesia on June 09 2019 03:12 PM (UTC).
Mount Sinabung volcano erupted yesterday spewing ash 55,000ft into the sky. The powerful explosion caused a huge ash plume to rise into the sky for miles. A major volcano eruption shook part of Indonesia yesterday when Mount Sinabung exploded. The Sumatra volcano erupted at 4.28pm local time and sent a vast ash column into the atmosphere. The aftermath of the eruption was felt for much of the day according to a Darwin VAAC report and ash was propelled 10 miles into the sky following the large explosion. Huge clouds, known as pyroclastic flows, swept across the skies of Sumatra. There were no casualties reported following the terrifying eruption, Indonesia's national volcano agency confirmed. Holidaymakers fled the area away from the ash following yesterday's explosion. The people of Gaja village watched in horror as a terrifying ash cloud rose 7,000 metres into the sky from Sinabung on Sunday afternoon. Videos shared on social media show panicked locals fleeing the scene away from the volcanoe. Photos captured villagers watching on in terror as a huge plume of ash blackened the sky above them. Ash rained down and coated the streets following the explosion. Photos from the scene show mask-clad villagers sweeping the ash away. Hot ash spread to the southeast and south of the crater by more than two miles, according to an agency statement. Mount Sinabung is an active volcano and is at high alert level. There is a no-go zone of three miles currently in place around it. Those living nearby Mount Sinabung have been urged to wear masks to protect them from ash rains in the wake of the eruption. Mount Sinabung, 8,120 feet high, is located in Karo district of North Sumatra province. Mount Sinabung is among 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia. A devastating eruption in 2014 killed 16 people and thousands were displaced.