Tornado in South Africa on December 12 2017 05:15 AM (UTC).
The tornado that ripped through the Vaal Marina on Monday has left more than a thousand people homeless. It swept through the Vaal Dam on Monday evening, blowing off roof tops, uprooting trees and destroying fences and walls in its wake. At least 50 people were injured and no fatalities have been confirmed. On Tuesday morning, the entrance of the quiet town of Midvaal was bustling as locals and cars tried to move in and out off the area. Mop-up operations began early on Tuesday as residents picked up debris and began to rebuild what was left of their homes. Midvaal Mayor Bongani Baloyi and the Red Ants also arrived at the Mamelo township to help community members rebuild. "The Red Ants will be assisting us with our disaster relief to immediately rebuild the shacks that were destroyed in the community. They will try and establish stability and assist homes and households to rebuild as quickly as possible," Baloyi said. Jeffrey Parsons from the Red Ants said they had brought their own building material. He said they had about 100 men to help with the rebuilding. Baloyi said two emergency centres had been established where residents would be given food parcels. Power lines were also damaged, leaving Vaal Marina and the township without electricity. Baloyi said the municipality was worried about the sewage system The Vereeniging Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was also in the area, aiding injured animals. Three horses had died and several injured dogs were taken away by the SPCA. A truck also stopped in the area to provide fresh water and residents lined up with buckets. Baloyi said water reservoirs were about 60% full.