Heat Wave in India on May 16 2019 06:54 AM (UTC).
Telangana just witnessed 17 confirmed heat-related deaths across the State in 22 heatwave days, as per the recordings of the disaster management department. The number of unconfirmed deaths is, of course, pegged to be much higher. "As of now, there have been 17 confirmed deaths due to the heatwave in the State," Rajeshwar Tiwari, principal secretary of Revenue (disaster management), told Express. As of May 30, the weathermen have recorded 22 heatwave days. While the officials are continuing their efforts to spread awareness on the situation, asking the citizens to stay indoors when the sun is scorching bright, there is still a cause of concern as the number of deaths could increase. "We have more heatwave days coming up. We have to wait and see if the number of deaths remains low as compared to the previous years," added Tiwari. Though monsoon is predicted to hit the State on June 6, more summer heat is still anticipated. Even the schools have prolonged their summer holidays because of this. Compared to last year, the number of heatwave-related deaths has come down. In 2018, 27 heatwave deaths were recorded. The reports, however, suggest that the number of deaths could be higher this year, with the mercury crossing the 45 degree Celsius mark. However, until the three-man committee - tahsildar, police and civil assistant surgeon - confirms that death happened due to the heatwave, it is not confirmed.