Vehicle Incident in USA on March 21 2018 04:54 AM (UTC).
A United Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Honolulu after smoke started to come out of one of its engines. UA flight 372 left Honolulu bound for San Francisco but was forced to divert back to the Hawaiian capital on Monday morning local time. "UAL flight 372 returned to HNL due to a report of smoke coming out of the right engine on departure," Ian Gregor, communications manager for the US Federal Aviation Administration Pacific Division, told Hawaii's KITV. "The flight returned to HNL and landed without incident." The plane landed safely with no injuries reported. The airline is now working to get passengers to their destination. "United flight 372 from Honolulu to San Francisco returned to Honolulu and landed safely following a mechanical issue," the airline said in a statement. "We're working to get our customers to their final destinations as quickly as possible. Our maintenance team is inspecting the aircraft." The incident comes as United Airlines faces ongoing criticism over a list of scandals, including the death of a passenger's dog earlier this month. The french bulldog puppy died after it was forced to travel in a plane's overhead compartment on a flight from Houston to New York City, on the instruction of a flight attendant. Days later, in a separate dog-related incident, the airline mistakenly sent a family's dog to Japan instead of their new home in Kansas. The incidents have made global headlines and sparked an extraordinary backlash against United Airlines on social media.