Vehicle Incident in Mariana Islands on January 16 2018 05:54 PM (UTC).
DUE to a drop in cabin pressure at 10,000 feet, a Delta Airlines pilot called in an emergency landing alert at the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International Airport on Tuesday afternoon, prompting local emergency responders to prepare for the arrival of the plane which was carrying over 100 passengers. Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services personnel gather in the staging area near the airport on Tuesday. Photo by Bryan Manabat. A Delta Airlines plane from Japan lands safely at the Francisco C. Ada/Saipan International airport on Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Bryan Manabat The plane was able to make a successful landing. In a statement, Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Jacqueline Shepard said the plane was a scheduled Delta Airlines flight from Japan to Saipan. Responding to the call were the Commonwealth Ports Authority-Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting unit, CPA Ports Police, the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services and DPS. DFEMS Commissioner Clyde K. Norita, who was in the staging area for the first responders, said after receiving the alert from ARFF, "we activated our personnel, including those in reserve because of the size of the aircraft." He added, "Because it's an airport operation, we were on standby for whatever the ARFF might need from us." Thankfully, the airplane landed without incident and no injuries were reported, Norita said. He said the call they received was an Alert II, "which basically means an aircraft emergency but the plane is still in the air." Norita said DFEMS personnel were in the staging area at 1:57 p.m. a few minutes after receiving the call. The plane landed normally and pulled up to the scheduled gate where everyone exited as planned - no emergency exits were required, Shepard said.