Vehicle Incident in USA on August 03 2017 03:48 AM (UTC).
A Jet Blue plane was headed from California to Florida when the pilot had to make an emergency stop at Will Rogers World Airport because a weird odor was making passengers sick. The plane is still at the Oklahoma City airport, and officials are blaming the emergency landing on mechanical issues. They are still investigating what made the 183 passengers and crew members aboard sick. "Of those people, there were five that were treated for difficult breathing, nausea," said Karen Carney, with Will Rogers World Airport. The flight was heading to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from Long Beach, California, and landed around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. Several people on board reported a funny smell near the front of the plane. One passenger described it as an acidic smell," Carney said. While officials are blaming the landing and smell on mechanical issues, first responders were not able to find any immediate source. "They obviously checked it immediately for fire or smoke, any type of hazardous material," Carney said. "They were not able to find any of those things."The five people treated were taken to an area hospital, officials said. They have since been released. Jet Blue officials have not released much information about the landing. The airline sent its own maintenance crew to inspect the plane, officials said. All of the passengers arrived in Fort Lauderdale around 2 p.m.