Vehicle Accident in India on February 09 2018 04:54 AM (UTC).
A bus driver was moderately injured and anther 10 people were lightly injured when two busses collided in Tevaria on Wednesday night. Volunteer EMS personnel from United Hatzalah arrived at the scene of the accident at the intersection between Elchadif and Michael Streets near the Charedi neighborhoods of Tevaria and treated the injured. Some of the injured were Charedi passengers travelling from Bnei Brak to the holy city. Fire and Rescue Department workers extricated the injured driver who was trapped in the bus. United Hatzalah EMT Avraham Haim Tubul related: "United Hatzalah's dispatch center received an emergency call alerting them to the accident. I was nearby when the accident occurred and was dispatched together with other volunteers from the ambucycle unit and we raced over and began treating those injured. Fire and Rescue crews worked feverishly to extricate the driver, who was moderately injured, before we were able to treat him. Magen David Adom Spokesperson's office said: "Magen David Adom received notification that there had been an accident. From initial reports of MDA EMTs and Paramedics at the scene it seems that there were 11 people injured. Six of them, the driver and five others who were lightly injured were transported to Poriya hospital." Police officers closed the area around the accident and assisted in extricating the injured from the busses. The incident is being investigated by traffic investigators.