Volcano Eruption in Azerbaijan on March 30 2018 01:00 PM (UTC).
The 'Ayrantokan' mud volcano in Baku's Garadagh district erupted yesterday around 21:10 (UTC +4). The eruption lasted up to 7 minutes and was accompanied by flames, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources told APA. The pillar of the fire rose about 100-150 meters above the volcanic crater. Volcanic breccias covered an area of ??up to 2.0 hectares and vary from 0.3 to 1.2 meters in thickness. Radial cracks have formed in the volcanic area. There are no settlements around the mud volcano. Experts of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources are studying the eruption and its consequences, and carrying out relevant monitoring. "Ayrantokan" mud volcano is part of the mud volcanoes group of the Baku and Absheron peninsula in Azerbaijan. The first eruption occurred in October 1964, accompanied by the last eruption in 2008.