Volcano Activity in Russia on July 08 2017 03:45 AM (UTC).
There is not a ton of information currently, but the Tokyo VAAC (Volcanic Ash Advisory Center) has reported ash emissions from the volcano Maly Semyachik in Russia. Now, there are a lot of volcanoes that are currently erupting that I do not regularly report on, and a lot of volcanoes that start new eruptions that I do not write posts about. Maly Semyachik may be a little bit more interesting however, since it has not erupted since 1952, and has the ability to create larger eruptions as well as small effusive eruptions. Gauging what is going on here is difficult to say at this point until more information comes out. I would speculate that this could potentially be a throat clearing event, where the volcano is pushing out old ash and cooled rock from the vent so that fresh magma can make its way to the surface via an eruption. Since there isn't much detail in the VAAC report about the size of the plume, it's quite likely that this was a very small event. With that said, small events like this can be a precursor to larger magmatic eruptions at times. Only time will tell with this volcano. Maly Semyachik is not a well known volcano, similar to most of the volcanoes in Kamchatka. It is quite remote, sitting in eastern Kamchatka well north of the city Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. As such, there likely would not be many eyewitness accounts to a new eruption starting unless there was a lot of advanced warning as to when a new eruption may occur.