Volcano Activity in Iceland on August 30 2016 04:06 PM (UTC).
A 3.8 magnitude earthquake was picked up by sensors 5.7 km (35 miles) northeast of Barbarbunga volcano in Vatnajokull glacier in the northern highlands at approximately 1:30 pm today. Barbarbunga caused the 2014-2015 Holuhraun eruption. Seismologist Martin Hensch at the Icelandic Met Office told mbl.is that between ten and 15 aftershocks followed the quake. He stated this is likely a case of movements in the edge of the caldera but not movements of magma. Meanwhile, the seismic activity in Katla volcano in South Iceland has calmed down. The last earthquake to be recorded there, as part of the swarm which began the night before yesterday, hit early this morning. The most powerful quakes measured 4.5 and 4.6 magnitude.