Tornado in USA on November 07 2017 05:22 AM (UTC).
Muncie residents are picking up debris after an EF-1 tornado hit the downtown area Sunday night. The National Weather Service confirms both straight line winds and a tornado went through Muncie, just about a block from City Hall. Many neighbors are left without power and others have debris cluttering their yards. Authorities have opened up the Delaware County Fairgrounds as an optional shelter for people without power. Food, water and supplies will be available. The county is asking residents not bring their pets. One Muncie resident said his garage was picked up off the foundation and thrown across the street. The pieces of his garage were scattered in neighbors' yards and front porches. Thelbert Scott said he ran down to his basement after realizing something wasn't right. "I've been here for 42 years and I've seen tornadoes maybe on the outskirts of Muncie, but never in Muncie, especially the middle of town," Scott said. A trampoline was thrown from one neighbor's yard into the branches of a tree. Another was wrapped around the trunk of a tree. Ashley Wheeler said she saw the air turn gray and grabbed her young children to go into the basement. "We were right here inside the house in our living room and we didn't expect it," Wheeler said. Another resident said he's lucky to be alive and acted fast after hearing what sounded like a train. "I was in the living room just hanging out with one of my friends and all of a sudden, he said there's a tornado and we looked out the window and it started shaking really bad and we had to dive into the bathtub," said Jeffrey Bonn. On Sunday afternoon, a tree crashed into a car driving on 500 West. Four people were trapped inside. They were all taken to the hospital. Two of them were in critical condition as of Monday. Extra power crews and electric workers were called in from other counties. Some residents said they hoped to have power restored by late Monday night. The city said it might be a few days before all debris can be cleared.