Extreme Weather in USA on August 11 2017 03:51 AM (UTC).
A fast-moving storm with high winds, hail and heavy rain passed through Greeley and much of Weld County on Thursday afternoon, causing minor flooding, blowing down tree limbs and power lines, and knocking out power for about 5,000 residents. "It's a storm that fired up over the Poudre Canyon, moved through Fort Collins, then Greeley and then on to the southeast," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Chad Gimmestad. "That's a really intense rainfall, and we had a lot of street flooding in susceptible places. It would have been a lot worse if it had continued like that." Pea-size hail and gusty winds also were a feature of the storm through much of its path. Gimmestad said a weather monitoring station at the Greeley-Weld County Airport, which reported a wind gust of 40 mph. Further south, near Milton Reservoir, a weather spotter reported a gust of 58 mph. "There were probably similar winds, right through the swath of that storm," he said. There were no tornadoes reported. Two funnel clouds were spotted over Keenesburg, however, the National Weather Service could not confirm the rotation necessary to deem them tornadoes, and they did not touch down, said Natalie Sullivan, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service. The wind did damage trees and power lines in some areas. According to Xcel Energy, about 5,000 customers were without power in the Greeley-Evans-LaSalle area for close to two hours. Power was restored to all customers about 6 p.m. The rain caused problems too. Sullivan said 2.3 inches of rain fell in an area between Greeley and Eaton. The airport saw 1.3 inches of rain. Most places saw about 1.25 inches in roughly half an hour, according to the weather service. Greeley Public Works Director Joel Hemesath said there was high water on the roadway in the area of Centerplace and 47th Avenue, which forced a brief road closure. "They were shut down for less than an hour, maybe half an hour," Hemesath said. "There were some stalled cars." There also were reports of some minor flooding in some basement apartments, but no major flooding. Windsor Severance Fire Rescue responded to a call in the 400 block of Ptarmigan Street in Severance for a basement that was flooding. Battalion Chief Todd Vess, the spokesman for the department, said a crew was on scene late Thursday working to drain the basement, which was flooded when its windows blew out because of the storm. When returning from another call shortly before 5 p.m., Vess said firefighters also found a tree that was uprooted due to the storm in the 300 block of 10th Street, and had landed on top of a vehicle. In Evans, the high winds blew down tree limbs in the older part of the city, along Central Street and near Denver Street and 42nd Avenue. The rain also caused some street flooding in the area of 35th Avenue and 49th Street, Evans police Sgt. Tracy Moore said. He said officers contacted public works for help clearing the debris, but there were no major street closures.