Snow Storm (Blizzard) in USA on April 14 2018 04:40 AM (UTC).
With blizzard like conditions outside, Interstate 90 was closed from exit 67 to Mitchell. Truck drivers heading east bound are stuck at Love's gas station in Box Elder as they wait out the storm. The Ellsworth Air Force Base exit in Box Elder is the last ramp you can take before you come across the road closed sign. And right off the interstate, Highway Patrol Troopers are standing by to make sure everyone is staying safe. A truck driver stuck at Love's, Gary McLanahan says "I left out east of town out of Box Elder here at the rest area and got escorted off by the Highway Patrol because I didn't know the highways were closed. Nobody had come and told anyone at the rest areas so they followed me off the off-ramp and gave me a lecture." McLanahan left before the gates blocking the road were put in place but says even then, roads were not favorable. "It's horrible, it's a mess, it's just no fun at all. Always having to keep alert and stay focused," states McLanahan. For truckers like McLanahan each day not driving is lost money. "There's no pros. It just puts us all behind for our deliveries or pickups, whatever it may be and then we spend a lot of money in these truck stops when we get shut down like this," explains McLanahan. But there are ways to pass the time. "Drinking a lot of coffee and just hanging out with the fellow truck drivers," exclaims McLanahan. McLanahan wants to remind drivers to be careful on the roads and if you don't have to be out in this mess, just stay home.