HAZMAT in USA on August 18 2019 05:11 AM (UTC).
Two men driving a commercial truck hauling radioactive materials died Saturday night after colliding with a train near Culbertson. The collision occurred near Road 1013 and U.S. Highway 2 East in Roosevelt County on Saturday around 5:15 p.m. According to Montana Highway Patrol trooper David Moon, the truck, traveling southbound, failed to yield to a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train traveling parallel to U.S. 2. The box of the truck separated from the cab, landing in a ditch nearby. The occupants, cab and frame of the truck were also found in the ditch. The 18-year-old driver and the 21-year-old passenger were dead when officials arrived on the scene. Occupants in the train were not injured, Moon said. The truck was believed to be transporting radioactive filters, often used in oil fields, to a nearby dump site. The truck was owned by Owl Inc., a freight shipping company located in Culbertson. The filters were dumped out along the tracks after the collision occurred. Moon said that the filters pose a low radioactive hazard. According to Moon, there are no traffic lights at the train track intersection. The victims' bodies were transported to a nearby funeral home. MHP, the Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office, BNSF, Owl Inc. and fire departments and ambulance services from nearby towns responded to the scene. A hazmat contractor company from North Dakota will clean up the radioactive material around midnight, Moon said.