Heat Wave in India on March 04 2018 05:36 AM (UTC).
The State government has decided to set up 12,000 more water tubs across the state in order ensure that there would be no water problem for the cattle in the summer. In addition to the existing 10,000 water tubs, another 12,000 water tubs will be set up. Besides, the State government decided to prepare an action plan to handle the situation that will arise out of prolonged heatwave, in view of the forecast the heatwave days would be more this summer. "The State witnessed 23 heatwave days last year. The heatwave days will be more this summer. Be prepared to create awareness among the people and also give early warnings to them," Chief Secretary SK Joshi told the officials of all the departments. Joshi held a review with the officials at Secretariat on Saturday on the heatwave action plan, in the wake of early warnings that the summer will start early and continue till June. Asha workers and ANMs will be trained to treat the sunstroke victims. The officials also decided to set up 7,000 sheep sheds across the state.