Flood in USA on October 08 2017 04:07 AM (UTC).
Streets in the Shore Acres neighborhood of St. Pete started flooding Saturday as the Tampa Bay area experienced abnormally high tides. The National Weather Service issued a coastal flood warning for parts of the Bay area this weekend due to unusually "high tides" caused by the moon, which are also being influenced by Hurricane Nate. Water is expected to recede with the outgoing tide. "Abnormally high tides occur this time of year in Florida when the moon is at its perigee (closest to earth) and is aligned with the sun and moon. This gravitational pull causes higher than normal tides," said Storm Team 8 Chief Meteorologist Steve Jerve. "On the east coast, they are known as 'king tides,' and with a strong onshore flow from the east, they can cause local flooding. Recent rains and saturated ground can also make this flooding even worse."