Flash Flood in USA on December 29 2018 04:49 AM (UTC).
More than one dozen downtown Richton businesses had water damage from Thursday night's flash floods. Some businesses along Front Street had more than a foot of water in them. But, after cleanup, most were able to reopen on Friday. "There aren't many businesses closed due to it," said Gerry Burns, director of Perry County Emergency Management. "They're all hearty folks up here in Richton and they're getting in there, getting the places cleaned out and trying to run the business as normal as they can." At least two dozen Perry County homes were affected by floodwater and nearly two dozen county roads were closed overnight due to the flooding. Most of those roads have been reopened. "There is significant road damage in a lot of these places, a lot of culverts washed out, so we advise if you're on the roads today, just be extra careful," Burns said. Burns was assessing flood-damaged areas Friday, along with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. "These assessments are reported to the state level and then, from the state level, the governor will decide if he's gonna contact the federal government and see if we need help," Burns said.