Flash Flood in Malaysia on November 13 2017 04:15 AM (UTC).
Two hours of heavy rain triggered a flash flood when Sungai Semerting burst its riverbank near Kampung Semerting in Pelangai here at 6.10pm today. Fortunately, the flood water only rose between 0.2m and 0.3m, which was not sufficient to trigger evacuation of nine families staying near the area. State Civil Defence Force director Zainal Yusoff said: "No flood relief centres were opened and no roads were closed," He said the district natural disaster management secretariat received information of the flash flood from the village chief at 6.10pm. He explained that this led to 32 members of the Civil Defence Force and other government agencies - 10 policemen, 13 Rela members and three Pelangai volunteer firemen - to move to the area for flood relief efforts. "Usually, the water will recede at Kampung Semerting and flow into Kampung Hayat before going into Sungai Triang to Bera." he said.