Explosion in USA on September 11 2020 11:35 AM (UTC).
PORTER, Ind. (WLS) -- Investigators are expected Friday to return to the scene of a massive explosion that leveled a home in Porter, Indiana and injured seven people, including a little girl. The Porter Indiana Fire Department said it received the call late Thursday afternoon after neighbors reported hearing an explosion in the 400-block of North 1st Street. When firefighters arrived, a rescue effort was already underway to free a 3-year-old girl trapped in the rubble. "We had several bystanders in law enforcement that had shown up, and through collective effort of all of them, they were able to find the 3-year-old and get her out into an awaiting ambulance," Porter Fire Chief Jay Craig Jr. said. Neighbor Randy Ragon said he felt his home shake form the explosion and ran to help. Ragon, a former Marine, said he saw people helping a woman out of the house and she was screaming "the baby, the baby!" Ragon said he ran back in and could hear the girl crying. "I busted through a wall, dug through a bunch of debris, found her and pulled a door up off of her," Ragon said. "Her leg was trapped under a two-by-four and I couldn't hold the door up and pull the two-by-four off of her, so I started yelling as hard as I could. Finally someone heard me, a police officer. He ran in and got the two-by-four off the child, got her out. Then he came back and helped me out because I was in a bad spot there with the door." Ragon said he then helped carry out another woman. That little girl was airlifted to Comer Children's Hospital in Chicago. Firefighters also rescued a woman trapped amid the fiery debris. The flames were so intense, extra water had to be brought in. The Indiana Fire Marshal said the home is a total loss. The cause of the explosion is still being investigated. NIPSO says gas service has been turned off in the area as a precaution.