Explosion in USA on February 01 2018 04:33 AM (UTC).
First responders were on the scene of a pipeline explosion and fire in Noble County early Wednesday morning. Officials say the incident happened around 2:30 a.m. about 3 miles north of Summerfield along State Route 513. The pipeline has been identified as Seneca Lateral and operated by Tallgrass Energy, although officials say there are multiple pipelines in the same footprint and several facilities in the area. The explosion awoke a number of local residents, many of whom say the night sky was lit up like daytime. "Last night, I couldn't sleep, and I was sitting on the couch watching TV, and all the sudden, I heard this ba boom, ba boom and the whole house shook," said Victoria Roosen, a Monroe County resident. "You could see the flames overtop of the hill over there, and it was just rather impressive," resident Pere Seward said. "I got up to look and everything was red, and I still couldn't understand, so I went to another window and that's when I saw flames, and I said, 'honey we have to go downstairs, we can't see this from up there," added Marsha Seward. Also tracked down were firefighters. "It wasn't clear where the fire was coming from at first," said Will Baker of the Summerfield Fire Department. "We've had reports that people have seen it in Caldwell, 13-15 miles away." Local departments had just finished targeting the remaining hot spots before noon. "We have Indian packs with water in them, making sure that it's not going to spread any more than it has." Tallgrass Energy has assembled an investigate team that will determine the cause of the breach to the 24-inch line. aThere are were no injuries or evacuations.