Environment Pollution in Canada on September 19 2020 07:05 AM (UTC).
Calgarians experience red haze that comes with smoke from U.S. wildfires. A fog-like haze is shrouding Calgary, Banff and much of southern Alberta this weekend as smoke from hundreds of wildfires burning in Washington, Oregon and California makes its way east. The air quality has decreased in the past day or two as the smoke has thickened. In Calgary, the air quality health index was at 4 on Friday. The smoke and the air quality are expected to worsen over the weekend, with an air quality health index of 5 on Saturday and 6 on Sunday, according to the Environment Canada website. The Alberta air quality index lists the health risks from low risk to extremely high risk. Calgary is sitting at a moderate risk through the weekend. The CBC's Monty Kruger captured some eerie images in southwest Calgary on Friday morning, and other Calgarians have been sharing their smoky images on social media. Smoke from what officials and political leaders say is the worst wildfire season in recent memory has blanketed the continent, fouling air quality across British Columbia and now Alberta for days. B.C. residents have been dealing with poor air quality all week, with some areas hitting 10 on the air quality index, meaning the health risks are high to extremely high. Some relief is expected there this weekend. During "high" air quality readings of 7 to 10, people, especially children and the elderly, are advised to reduce or reschedule strenuous activities outdoors. A poor air quality risk can lead to throat irritation, headaches and difficulty breathing. Gusting winds and low humidity this week in Oregon have helped to spread the flames, which have scorched more than 4,000 square kilometres to date this year. The smoke is expected to continue through the weekend.