Biological Hazard in India on April 11 2018 11:16 AM (UTC).
Thirty children and two adults were stung by honeybees in village Panchayat Jhimki under Patthalgaon development block of Jashpur district. The children have been taken to a Community Health Centre for treatment. According to information, annual examination was about to begin in government Primary and Middle school in village Jhimki. After the morning assembly at 7 am, when the children were entering the classes for the examination, the incident of honey bee stung is reported to have occurred. According to information, there is a huge Bargaad tree situated about 50-meters away from the school and there was one-meter long beehive on the tree, which was disturbed by some elements. As a result of which, the honeybees attacked the children in the school and stung them. The examinations from Class I to IV were going on in the school in Jhimki in which about 93 children were present. In the same school examinations for class VII and VIII were being held in which about 53 children were appearing. After the assembly, prior to the commencement of the examination, the children were busy in making the last minute preparations, when the honeybees launched an attack on them. The children in an attempt to save themselves from the honeybee bite started running helter-skelter. Some children covered themselves with Tatpatti and sheets in an attempt to save themselves from the honeybee bite. School teacher sensing the gravity of the situation, immediately asked the students to enter into the classrooms and close the door. While some children were left out as they ran to the ground after the honeybee attack in an attempt to save their life and they became victim of honey bee bite. A student of Class VII Gajanand told that he was sitting in the school along with his friends when the honey bee attacked them. Class IV student Khushboo said aftershe heard the swarming of the honey she ran towards her house, when the bee's bitten her at 8-10 places. Teacher of the school Hariprasad Rathiya said that as soon as he saw the honeybees he immediately took some children into the classroom and locked it from outside. Later, with help of villagers, three four children were rescued from the school by covering them with blankets and were taken to safe places. Immediately after the incident some aware villagers informed the matter to the district administration who immediately swung into action and sent a team of doctors and health workers. Dr Shakuntala Nikunj informed that some children were badly injured in the honey bee bite and after taking out the dunk of honey bee's the children were administering medication. Out of 32 children who were attacked by honey bee some children had sustained severe bites. Kamlesh yadav, a student of Class I had over 50-70 bites on his head and other parts of the body. He has been referred to Patthalgaon CHC. Another student Premshila who was brought to the camp after the bite was detected suffering from chickenpox she was also referred to CHC. After the officials of the district administration learnt about the incident, Forest department, Health department and local MLA Shivshankar Paikra also reached the spot and inquired about the condition of the children. MLA Paikra informed that he had instructed the Health Department to provide best treatment to the children affected by the incident and added that the Forest Department has been asked to remove bee hives from residential areas. According to the officials of Forest Department a Vulture had perhaps attacked the bee hive after which the honey bee's attacked the children. J R Yadav, Head Master of Government Middle School, after the honey bee bite incident, in which 30 children were injured, has postponed the examination.