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For many people in the Lake Como neighborhood, it's a nightly routine to walk the dog after the sun goes down, but one man ended up at the hospital after encountering an aggressive neighborhood pest. "A larger racoon, probably about 40 pounds, just came charging across the street," said Dennis Jenkins. "And I mean, charging. It terrifies you." Jenkins and his dog, PB, had just stepped off the front porch when the raccoon charged. "Thirty seconds of terror," Jenkins said about the encounter as the raccoon tried to get to his dog. Those 30 seconds turned into a night of phone calls to vets, doctors, and ultimately, hours at the hospital getting rabies shots. Just last month, a 6-year-old Orlando boy died of rabies after being scratched by an infected bat. That incident encouraged Jenkins to seek medical attention immediately. "Everybody knew about it at Orlando Health. And they're like 'Hey, good idea.' I have to say for the amount of pain that it inflicts on you, it's well worth it," he said. Jenkins got six shots around the deep scratch the raccoon left behind. PB also got checked out and must stay away from other dogs for the next 45 days. This is the second reported incident with a raccoon in the Lake Como area. "There's somebody who lives on this side of the lake who also had been attacked, but Animal Control said, 'Indeed, they're close enough that the raccoon could've traveled over there easy,'" he said. This has many in the Lake Como community on alert, but not changing their routine. "I walk these two every night," said a neighbor, who walked by around the same time the raccoon attacked the night before. "I'll have to keep my eyes peeled a little better. I should've brought my light tonight." Orange County Animal Services confirms they've been out to the neighborhood because of these calls.No word yet on what could be done about the aggressive animal.