Biological Hazard in India on November 12 2017 07:22 PM (UTC).
A leopard strayed into the Dhirenpara area of the city this noon, creating panic among the people of the locality.The animal reportedly injured at least four persons, before it was trapped inside the Sishu Vidya Niketan, Chilarai Path. A few locals exhibited presence of mind to trap the leopard inside the school building after it had entered the school in a confused state. Forest personnel later tranquilised the animal and brought it to the State zoo. The full grown leopard was an adult male. The hills in and around the city harbour a sizeable population of leopards, and these animals often stray into nearby residential areas. "It's normal for leopards to frequent human settlements near hills and forests in search of prey like dogs and poultry. But they rarely attack humans unless provoked," a Forest official said.