Biological Hazard in Canada on July 08 2017 04:40 AM (UTC).
Blue-green algae has been spotted in three different locations on Lake Nipissing, according to a news release from the Health Unit on July 7. The locations are Bear Creek (Lat. 46.159329 and Long. -79.542323) in Callander, near Camp Tillicum in Callander (Lat. 46.206282 and Long. -79.489202) and near West Nipissing's Camp Castaway (Lat. 46.3296997 and Long. -80.2069082). Residents and tourists are advised to stay away from these locations because of the toxic nature of the blooms. Blue-green algae is actually tiny bacteria and not algae and can grow in size or change location due to weather changes such as wind, temperature or sunlight. . Blue-green algae toxins can stay in the water for up to three weeks after the blooms disappear, because of this the Health Unit and District Office of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change cannot confirm when the water is safe to use for private water systems.