M 3.6 earthquake in Cala Liberotto, Europe,Italy on 6th December 2018 07:06:46 PM.
EDIS Number EQ-20181206-990265-ITA
Magnitude M 3.6
Mercalli scale 2
Date-Time [UTC] 6th December 2018 07:06:46 PM
Local Date/Time Thursday,December 06th, 2018 at 20:06 in the in the evening at epicenter
Coordinate 40° 34.800,10° 41.400
Depth 10 km [6.21 miles]
Hypocentrum Shallow depth
Class Minor
Continent Europe
Country Italy
Location 101.00 km [62.76 miles] to Cala Liberotto,Europe
Source EMSC
The potential impact of the earthquake A few people might notice movement if they are at rest and/or on the upper floors of tall buildings.