M 3.3 earthquake in Minab, Middle-East,Iran on 14th September 2018 01:40:06 PM.
EDIS Number EQ-20180914-955801-IR
Magnitude M 3.3
Mercalli scale 1
Date-Time [UTC] 14th September 2018 01:40:06 PM
Local Date/Time Thursday,September 13th, 2018 at 17:40 in the in the afternoon at epicenter
Coordinate 25° 58.800,57° 42.600
Depth 20 km [12.43 miles]
Hypocentrum Shallow depth
Class Minor
Continent Middle-East
Country Iran
Location 98.00 km [60.89 miles] to Minab,Middle-East
Source IRSC
The potential impact of the earthquake People do not feel any Earth movement.