M 4.3 earthquake in Bandar, Indonesian Archipelago,Indonesia on 20th February 2018 03:09:20 AM.
EDIS Number EQ-20180220-818931-IDN
Magnitude M 4.3
Mercalli scale 3
Date-Time [UTC] 20th February 2018 03:09:20 AM
Local Date/Time Monday,February 19th, 2018 at 10:09 in the in the moorning at epicenter
Coordinate 0° 48.600,99° 57.600
Depth 177 km [109.98 miles]
Hypocentrum Medium deep
Class Light
Continent Indonesian Archipelago
Country Indonesia
Location 33.00 km [20.51 miles] to Bandar,Indonesian Archipelago
Source EMSC
The potential impact of the earthquake Any people indoors feel movement. Hanging objects swing back and forth. People outdoors might not realize that an earthquake is occurring.