M 6 earthquake in Arawa, Indonesian Archipelago,Papua New Guinea on 11th July 2019 05:08:38 PM.
EDIS Number EQ-20190711-1093439-PNG
Magnitude M 6
Mercalli scale 6
Date-Time [UTC] 11th July 2019 05:08:38 PM
Local Date/Time Friday,July 12th, 2019 at 03:08 in the at night at epicenter
Coordinate 4° 40.800,155° 15.000
Depth 505 km [313.79 miles]
Hypocentrum Great depth
Class Strong
Continent Indonesian Archipelago
Country Papua New Guinea
Location 158.00 km [98.18 miles] to Arawa,Indonesian Archipelago
Source EMSC
The potential impact of the earthquake Everyone feels movement. People have trouble walking. Objects fall from shelves. Pictures fall off walls. Furniture moves. Plaster in walls might crack. Trees and bushes shake. Damage is slight in poorly built buildings. No structural damage.