M 4.8 earthquake in Zhaotong, Asia,China on 15th May 2019 08:33:37 PM.
EDIS Number EQ-20190515-1055254-CN
Magnitude M 4.8
Mercalli scale 5
Date-Time [UTC] 15th May 2019 08:33:37 PM
Local Date/Time Thursday,May 16th, 2019 at 03:33 in the at night at epicenter
Coordinate 28° 9.324,103° 39.726
Depth 37.67 km [23.41 miles]
Hypocentrum Shallow depth
Class Light
Continent Asia
Country China
Location 23.00 km [14.29 miles] to Zhaotong,Asia
Source USGS
The potential impact of the earthquake Almost everyone feels movement. Sleeping people are awakened. Doors swing open or close. Dishes are broken. Pictures on the wall move. Small objects move or are turned over. Trees might shake. Liquids might spill out of open containers.