Tropical Storm in China on July 23 2018 03:20 AM (UTC).

Common Alerting Protocol information

Category Met Meteorological (inc. flood)
Certainty Observed Determined to have occurred or to be ongoing
Scope Public For general dissemination to unrestricted audiences
Severity Extreme Extraordinary threat to life or property
Urgency Past Responsive action is no longer required

Base data

EDIS Number TC-20180723-63990-CHN
Event type Tropical Storm
Date/Time July 23 2018 03:20 AM (UTC)
Last update July 23 2018 03:22 AM (UTC)
Cause of event Tropical Storm Ampil
Reliability of information Authentic source : Information from trusted source (newspapers, emails, websites). Reliability: at least 70%
Damage level Great Damage level
Affected area County-level : Event affected one county.

Geographic information

Continent Asia
Country China
County / State Municipality of Shanghai
Settlement Shanghai
Coordinate 31.23, 121.47

Number of affected people / Humanities loss

Dead person(s) 0
Injured person(s) 0
Missing person(s) 0
Evacuated/rescued person(s) 190000
Affected person(s) 0
Foreign people 0