Tropical Storm in Fiji on February 20 2016 04:24 AM (UTC).

Base data

EDIS Number TC-20160220-52166-FJI
Event type Tropical Storm
Date/Time February 20 2016 04:24 AM (UTC)
Last update February 29 2016 10:16 AM (UTC)
Cause of event Tropical Cyclone Winston
Reliability of information Not reliable source : Absolutely not confirmed, reservations should be read about the description of the event. Reliability: less than 10%
Damage level Catastrophic Damage level
Affected area Local event : The affected area up to a few kilometers

Geographic information

Continent Pacific Ocean - East
Country Fiji
County / State
Area Nationwide
Coordinate -17.71, 178.07

Number of affected people / Humanities loss

Dead person(s) 42
Injured person(s) 0
Missing person(s) 0
Evacuated/rescued person(s) 0
Affected person(s) 0
Foreign people 0