Explosion in USA on March 15 2018 04:14 PM (UTC).

Airport(s) within 100 km (62 miles) radius

Airport Country City ICAO Coordinate Distance
Fort Worth Meacham InternationalUSAFort WorthKFTW32° 49.200,97° 21.72041 km
Mineral WellsUSAMineral WellsKMWL32° 46.860,98° 3.60048 km
Dallas Fort Worth InternationalUSADallas-fort WorthKDFW32° 53.760,97° 2.28069 km
Dallas Love FldUSADallasKDAL32° 50.820,96° 51.12081 km

Port(s) within 100 km (62 miles) radius

Nuclear Power Plant(s) within 100 km (62 miles) radius

Name Country State Location Coordinate Distance
Comanche Peak Nuclear NPPUSAState of TexasGlen Rose32° 17.895,97° 47.21330 km

Reservoir(s) within 100 km (62 miles) radius - Only USA

Name Country State County River Coordinate Distance
Lake WeatherfordUnited StatesTexasParkerClear Fork Of Trinity32° 46.250,97° 40.63326 km
Chambers Creek, Site No. 37United StatesTexasJohnsonTrib. Of Chambers Creek32° 25.167,97° 20.20031 km
Chambers Creek, Site No. 42United StatesTexasJohnsonTurkey Creek32° 22.500,97° 13.98342 km
Clear Fork Of Trinity, Site No. 7United StatesTexasParkerCottonwood Creek32° 56.150,97° 48.38347 km
Clear Fork Watershed, Site No. 10United StatesTexasParkerTrinity River32° 54.750,97° 52.50047 km
Green Creek Watershed, Site No. 1United StatesTexasErathGreen Creek32° 10.000,97° 20.46750 km
East Keechi Creek Watershed, Site No. 1United StatesTexasJackTrib. Of Brazos River33° 4.500,98° 7.00075 km
Possum Kingdom LakeUnited StatesTexasPalo PintoBrazos River32° 52.000,98° 26.00083 km
Garza-little Elm Reservoir (lewisville Lake)United StatesTexasDentonElm Fork Trinity33° 4.000,96° 58.00086 km
White Rock LakeUnited StatesTexasDallasWhite Rock Creek32° 49.000,96° 43.75090 km
Chambers Creek, Site No. 101-aUnited StatesTexasNavarroTrib. Of Chambers Creek32° 5.333,96° 48.50092 km
Denton Creek Watershed, Site No. 17United StatesTexasWiseTrinity River33° 24.067,97° 28.38397 km

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