Forest / Wild Fire in Chile on January 03 2017 04:13 AM (UTC).
A wildfire ravaged woods and burned 100 homes in the hilly Chilean port city of Valparaiso, where authorities evacuated hundreds of people. At least 19 people were reported hurt after the fire broke out on the outskirts of the historic port city, the government said. Television pictures showed thick grey smoke filling the streets in the Laguna Verde district, where the blaze struck, and flames devouring green hillsides. Hundreds of firefighters along with water-dumping airplanes and helicopters were battling the blaze, officials said. "Emergency protocol have been activated," the country's President Michelle Bachelet said on Twitter. She expressed "solidarity with the people affected." The flames had "damaged 100 homes in an area where there are 500," deputy interior minister Mahmud Aleuy told a news conference late Monday. He said 19 people had been hurt, mostly by breathing in smoke, but "fortunately there are no (mortal) victims." The flames destroyed 50 hectares (123 acres) of woodland, the National Emergencies Office said in a statement. Fanned by strong winds in hot summer weather, the fire broke out in the hilly region that makes Valparaiso a picturesque tourist destination. Some 200 people were evacuated from their homes as a precaution, the agency added. Electricity providers said they had cut power to nearly 48,000 customers also as a precaution. The authorities issued a maximum red alert. Located 120 kilometers (75 miles) northwest of the capital Santiago, Valparaiso is home to Chile's national Congress.