Forest / Wild Fire in Canada on April 19 2016 06:38 PM (UTC).
The Peace River Regional District has declared a state of emergency and issued evacuation orders for Baldonnel, Charlie Lake and the Blueberry River First Nation as record-smashing heat and fierce winds kicked up several fires across Northeast B.C. on Monday. People living in these areas were being asked to leave their homes immediately. Shortly after, the regional district declared a state of local emergency order in Electoral Area C due to the risk of harm to property and people.The order allows local emergency officials to evacuate residents, block roads and enter private property when an emergency threatens lives, property or the environment. Other ares of Baldonnel are being put on evacuation alert, which asks residents to prepare to evacuate the area if necessary. The community hall in Taylor is being used as a reception centre for residents who have been evacuated.

 The PRRD reported 48 fires in the region on Monday, with BC Wildfire Service reporting more than 4,000 hectares burning. At least three structures have been lost to the fires, officials say.

 There are few details on how the fires started, but fire departments from Fort St. John, Taylor and Charlie Lake continue to battle the flames, which have been fanned by hot, dry weather and wind gusts up to 80 km/h. 

One Baldonnel homeowner told the Alaska Highway News that the fire started near the Chambers Farm. Deanna Chambers said she came home from town this afternoon and saw smoke. "We have no idea how it started on the property," she said. "We were in town, we came home and the farm was on fire." She said her father-in-law had made a fire barrier to protect the property. "It's still going in our bush, and some people at the farm are ready to stop if it jumps the barrier," she said. "It hasn't spread right into where the animals are yet but it's still going and if the wind changes, it could (spread). We're hoping that the wind stops. It spread about two miles from our place up the Baldonnel Road. It's gone pretty far now." In Charlie Lake, firefighters were seen trying to protect several homes along Brown Road off Highway 29 just above the Peace River valley. Homeowners in the area were reported to be evacuating the area. Multiple fires have been reported in the valley as well, with Highway 29 down to single alternating traffic just north of the Halfway River Bridge and motorists being guided through the area by a pilot car. In Hudson's Hope, Wildfire BC and fire department crews are currently fighting a fire with the help of RCMP near Carter Street and Powell Road. Some homes have been told to evacuate due to smoke, with a reception area set up at the community hall. According to the BC Wildfire Service, the largest fire is reported on the Beaton Airport Road in Buick at 3,000 hectares. There are reports that the Alaska Highway is closed at the Shepherd's Inn. The fires are reported to be human-caused. There are several travel advisories in effect for the Alaska Highway and Highway 29 due to heavy smoke. The Ministry of Environment and Northern Health haven't issued a smoke advisory yet, however, the agencies generally recommend people to contact their healthcare provider immediately if they experience any of the following symptoms: difficulty in breathing, chest pain or discomfort, sudden onset of cough or irritation of airways.