Forest / Wild Fire in USA on February 16 2016 03:41 AM (UTC).
Firefighters fanned out around an area near the Alabama-Mississippi line Monday surveying the damage from an intense wildfire. 4,000 acres of land in and near the Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge burned in the blaze. On Sunday afternoon, intense flames and heavy smoke buffeted by strong winds made firefighting difficult. Chief Doug Winters of the Forts Lake-Franklin Creek Fire Department, said, "When it gets throwing up like a storm coming at you, they said it can be quite intense to deal with." Monday morning, authorities wouldn't let the news media on the refuge site. But, there were no flames and little smoke in the area. Candice Stevenson with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said, "Possibly the areas that were burned yesterday were burned pretty well and to our containment lines, and maybe they're holding at our containment lines ." Firefighters returned to the scene Monday morning surveying the scene and looking for hot spots. Stevenson said, "We're doing mop up operations. There are areas where there might be hot spots within the places that were burned yesterday, and they're using hand tools to mop up those areas and put out the spot fires." Still, some businesses in the area remained evacuated Monday morning. Stevenson said there was one business on Bayou Heron Road, near the boat launch, and a few other structures that had to be evacuated, including some fish camps and homes. But, no one was reported hurt. U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials say the fire started on private land on Thursday and was started by a person, but the exact cause is still under investigation.