Vehicle Incident in United Kingdom on June 18 2019 02:14 PM (UTC).
A B-52 out of Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota made an emergency landing in Europe after experiencing apparent engine problems. The official statement from U.S. Air Forces in Europe says: "A B-52 Stratofortress operating in the European theater landed at RAF Mildenhall, England, today after experiencing an in-flight emergency. The B-52 is supporting several exercises while in the region." Initial Air Force reports on the incident did not name the home base of the aircraft. Barksdale Air Force Base has B-52s deployed in Europe but the tail markings shown in photographs of the troubled B-52 on the tarmac at RAF Mildenhall clearly showed that this was not a BAFB bomber. All crew members aboard the B-52 were reported safe after the emergency landing. Flight enthusiast Tony Kelly was watching the incident unfold and told the Eastern Daily Press: "There were two [B-52s], one was in a holding pattern waiting for a tanker from RAF Mildenhall. It then developed an engine issue and landed. The second was also held for a while then headed back ... with a KC10 extender tanker up the east coast."