Vehicle Incident in Other on April 06 2017 02:58 AM (UTC).
The very large container ship MSC Daniela caught fire in Indian ocean on 120 nautical miles off Colombo port in Sri Lanka. The vessel was en route from Singapore to Suez Canal, when containers on main deck in aft part inflamed. The crew tried to attack and extinguish the fire, but was unable to get control over it during the first minutes. The crew changed course to Colombo and sent distress signal to the local authorities, requesting immediate assistance. At the scene of the burning container ship were sent two tugs. Also Sri Lanka Navy dispatched two Fast Attack Craft (FAC), P 436 and P 412, which might evacuate the vessel in case of emergency. "The Sri Lanka Navy dispatched two Fast Attack Craft (FAC), P 436 and P 412, to the location assisting Sri Lankan Port Authority tugs, Rawana and Maha Wewa", said the official statement of the navy officials. "Having reached the vessel on fire at 33 nm off Colombo harbour, the two tugs carried out the dousing mission while the 2 FACs continue to remain at the location until the flames are completely extinguished", adds the statement. Meanwhile, the Indian Navy also sent INS Gharial and INS Darshak early on Wednesday morning to help the burning container ship MSC Daniela. The vessel successfully reached Colombo anchorage, where was secured during firefighting. There is no information about injuries and water pollution. The container ship MSC Daniela is operating under AIS status Cargo - Hazard A (Major), but it is unknown if the dangerous cargo was affected by the fire.