Vehicle Incident in USA on February 27 2017 09:38 AM (UTC).
First, comes a mid-air scare, second a near 15 hour quarantine at airport customs. That is what 275 passengers aboard an airbus from Germany had to undergo after the aircraft made an emergency landing at the Daytona International Airport around 3pm Saturday. The plane was destined for Cancun when a smoke-filled cockpit forced the pilot to land the craft in Daytona Beach, according to Jay Cassens, the public information officer with Daytona International Airport. "The flight wasn't destined for the United States which made things very difficult when they got here", said Cassens. Passengers were not allowed to leave customs due to the fact that none of them have U.S. visas. Cassens says the airport did all it could to assist the passengers. "Making mulitple runs to Babies 'R Us, going out to convenience stores, getting pizza and going to Publix to get all the food that we can to make them comfortable," said Cassens. Cassens says multiple attempts to send replacement planes fell through until Sunday afternoon when the passengers were finally able to board an American Airlines flight heading to Cancun. As of Sunday, passengers' luggage had to stay behind on the Air Berlin plane, due to the airport not having the equipment needed to unload their bags.