Vehicle Incident in China on June 20 2016 01:52 PM (UTC).
Seventeen passengers were injured yesterday on an Air China flight from Frankfurt to Shanghai due to a strong turbulence in the air. A foreign couple in their 70s were also among the injured passengers. The aircraft with Flight CA936 suddenly encountered the severe turbulence and fluctuated strongly in the air and several passengers had not yet have their seat belt fasten when it took place, the nation's flagship carrier told Shanghai Daily today. Crew members reminded passengers to remain seated and fasten the safety belts during the turbulence and two of them also suffered injuries, Air China said. The capital immediately informed the ground to dispatch ambulances waiting on the apron and sent the injured to nearby hospital right after the landing, the airline said. Five of them are still under treatment in the Pudong New Area People's Hospital, including a female passenger, who was seriously injured. The injured include13 female and 4 male, according to the hospital. Air China has dispatched staff to accompany the injurers in the hospital. The airline suggested passengers to fasten the safety belt through the whole journey during the thunder weather across the nation recently.